Monday, February 18, 2019

Polyhedral Mesh To Solid

From the Autodesk App Store:

Polyhedral Mesh to Solid is for hard to convert Mesh or Polyface Mesh objects, which won’t convert to 3D Solids because of self-intersecting faces, T-Junctions, gaps, inverted normals, etc. These are common problems when working with a mesh imported from other sources. Polyhedral Mesh to Solid’s conversion method optimizes the mesh to reduce tessellation and removes unseen faces, producing a more visually clean solid without affecting the accuracy of the geometry. Polyhedral Mesh to Solid can also be used to split a mesh into its component shells if desired, producing a separate 3D solid of each shell within a single mesh.

Polyhedral Mesh to Solid has also been optimized to convert Tekla Structures models to ACIS Solids!

Use Polyhedral Mesh to Solid to optimize your Mesh for 3D Printing!

After Conversion the 3D Solid has 413 Faces and 533 Vertices.

BlockMatrix – View and Modify Attributes and Visibility States of Blocks Across Multiple Drawings

From the Autodesk App Store:

BlockMatrix delivers powerful, easy editing of block attributes in a familiar spreadsheet style format.

BlockMatrix is a considerable time saver. Find/Replace across multiple drawing files, increment integer values (very useful on tag numbers!), and change the visibility state of dynamic blocks.

The BlockMatrix dialog, displaying the visibility states of dynamic blocks,
as well as the incrementation of integer values in the
find/replace/increment dialog

Free Apply Current Date – Apply Current Date to Attributes, Multiline Text or Text

From the Autodesk App Store:

After typing ADA command Autodesk® AutoCAD® will prompt to select attribute, multiline text or text object to apply current date. Program start with default format date Day.Month.Year (07.23.2013).

 All commands:
  • ADA - main shortcut,
  • ADAF - 'Format' window, in this window user can select predefined format date,
  • ADAE - 'Edit' window, used to edit list of dates (move items up, down, delete or go to 'Add date' window)
  • ADAA - 'Add date' window, used to add new format date,
  • -ADA - all commands are combined under one shortcut.

User date formats

Free Polyline Quantities

From the Autodesk App Store:

Polyline Quantities, generates a CSV file with total lengths and areas of selected polylines and creates a new entry for each layer allowing you to easily see what the total length or area is of polylines on each particular layer.

Example input polylines

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Free Background Mask – Manipulate the Background Mask Properties of MText and MLeaders

From the Autodesk App Store:

The program allows the user to manipulate all properties of the background mask for a selection of Multiline Text (MText) and Multileader (MLeader) objects.

Following selection of multiple MText and/or MLeader objects, the program presents the user with a dialog interface through which the background mask may be enabled or disabled simultaneously for all objects in the selection. Furthermore, the offset, transparency and colour of the background mask applied to all objects in the selection may also be controlled.

Program Dialog

Free and Open Source Flatten – Convert 3D Polylines to 2D and Vice Versa

From the Autodesk App Store:

NEWS: All of my apps are open source now, you can find more details here:

Want to work with a 2D polyline but for some reason your drawing contains a 3D polyline instead?

Applying the "LCAD_FLATTEN" command to a 3D polyline will replace a 3D polyline with a 2D polyline.

The X and Y geometry will be preserved and the resulting 2D polyline will be placed at a user-specified elevation.

If you need to convert several 3D polylines within a drawing, multiple 3D polylines can be selected and "Flattened" at once.

From version 2.0 onwards, the reverse is also possible. Using the command "LCAD_RAISE" 2D polylines can be converted into 3D polylines.

Converting a 2D Poly into a 3D Poly.

Free Associative Textbox – Create Associative Textboxes of Various Shapes

From the Autodesk App Store:

The program enables the user to create an associative textbox surrounding a Text or MText object in the drawing. The size, position, orientation & rotation of the resulting textbox is automatically updated following modification to the associated Text or MText object.

Program Demonstration

The user can create a new associative textbox using the TBOX command. The user is prompted to specify an offset factor for the textbox, and to indicate the shape of the textbox to be created.