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Critical Mass – 5-Star Rated Add-ins* on the Autodesk App Store for Winter 2018

Peer reviews can help one to decide on apps to use or purchase. Unfortunately, reviews on the Autodesk App Store can sometimes be hard to come by. Apps that have thousands of downloads can have just a few reviews. Furthermore, the App Store's sort-by-rating function doesn't take the number of reviews into account.

Listed below for your convenience are the 5-star rated AutoCAD add-ins on the App Store with at least four reviews, sorted by number of reviews, highest to lowest. Add-ins are also separated between free and paid.

Only add-ins for base-AutoCAD are included in this initial posting. We'll add apps for vertical products, such as Civil 3D and AutoCAD Plant 3D, over time.

We'll refresh this list every six months or so. And remember, reviews are important. Please take a few minutes to share your own experiences with apps on the App Store by submitting reviews!


Drawing Purge
"This plug-in helps to remove the unused DGN LineTypes, TextStyles, RegApps and Annotation Scales and other Purgeable items from the current drawing or multiple drawings in batch processing." | Free
 (179 reviews)

"A dialog box providing tools to increment numeric, alphabetic, alphanumeric, hexadecimal or roman numerals values contained in texts, mtexts or block attributes." | Free
 (58 reviews)

Multiple Offset
Offset 2D entities with different distances at once | Free
 (45 reviews)

COINS Translate
"Translate text, mtext, attributes, and multi-leaders to other languages." | Free
 (35 reviews)

Batch Attribute Editor
Modify values of multiple attributes across a set of drawings | Free
 (28 reviews)

Clipboard Manager
"The Clipboard Manager plugin can be used with Autodesk® AutoCAD® to manage multiple clipboard entries, storing and renaming them for later use." | Free
 (20 reviews)

To deeply purge the drawing (including nested elements) | Free
 (20 reviews)

"Automatically reposition raster images in a drawing to the position defined in the images ""World files""." | Free
 (18 reviews)

Halo Text
Generates a 'halo' around both mtext and dtext objects using different colors and/or lineweights | Free
 (18 reviews)

Clean & Fix
FINALCAD Clean & Fix will allow you to work with an external drawing in the quickest way | Free
 (17 reviews)

Express Document Tab
The Express Document Tab program is a utility program that makes it easy to switch between DWG drawings in Autodesk® AutoCAD® | Free
 (17 reviews)

"The POLYLINES add-in is used with AutoCAD® to modify closed polylines. You can unite, intersect, subtract, divide and trim closed polylines similarly to Boolean commands." | Free
 (17 reviews)

Ecodial plugin
Schneider electric software for electrical installation calculation and sizing according to IEC & CENELEC Standards | Free
 (15 reviews)

Hilti BIM/CAD Library
A fast and convenient way to integrate models of Hilti objects in your project design | Free
 (15 reviews)

Easy Attach
"Attach PDF and all types of images (PNG, JPEG...) directly on your blueprints. DWG files are on the way ;)" | Free
 (14 reviews)

OneNote Add-in for Autodesk® AutoCAD®. Take notes right alongside your drawings! | Free
 (14 reviews)

Selection similar Filter
This app helps you save a lot of time to select objects by quickly making filter and quickly selecting similar objects based on sample entities | Free
 (13 reviews)

My Xrefs
"Create shortcuts/bookmark to the xref files and set the properties of xref, so that later these xref's can be attached easily." | Free
 (12 reviews)

Tools to find and erase proxy objects from the drawing | Free
 (11 reviews)

"Toolkit with commands that convert polylines to sheetmetal or membranes, along with simple parametric shapes generator." | Free
 (10 reviews)

"Automatically assign new entities to specific layers based on their type. Analogue to ACAD Mechanical functionality, but works with every AutoCAD® flavour and with six different entity categories." | Free
 (9 reviews)

"This plugin helps managing groups of level indicators, often used in architecture and building design" | Free
 (9 reviews)

Scaffold Counter by Avontus
"Use Scaffold Counter to easily draw 3D scaffolding models and generate a BOM. Print your BOM and export to Excel, PDF, or Word. Integrated with Avontus Quantify for estimating and materials tracking." | Free
 (9 reviews)

Steal from Drawing
Import items from another drawing into the current drawing | Free
 (9 reviews)

"Search multiple drawings for blocks or texts, grouping and counting them based on their attributes. Results can both be inserted as a table or exported as XLS workbook. Table tools included." | Free
 (8 reviews)

Align Text to Curve
Dynamically align text to a selected curve | Free
 (7 reviews)

BOM Extractor
BOM extractor is a tool to extract information from Block Attributes and Dynamic blocks Properties of blocks available in the Drawing File. It also updates the attribute value in drawing | Free
 (7 reviews)

Change Block Base Point
Change the base point position for a selected block | Free
 (7 reviews)

"Creates a construction line of infinite length. A ""block"" and ""xref"" are selectable too. There are 20 commands." | Free
 (7 reviews)

ECW Plugin
ECW Plugin for fast and convenient usage of raster images and catalogs | Free
 (7 reviews)

3D Printing App for Autodesk® AutoCAD®
Find and compare 3D printing services for your Autodesk® AutoCAD® model with one click from AutoCAD in realtime | Free
 (6 reviews)

Apply current date
"This plug-in can be used with Autodesk® AutoCAD® to apply current date to attribute, multiline text or text objects." | Free
 (6 reviews)

Associative Textbox
Create a textbox whose size and position is automatically updated following modification to an associated Text or MText object | Free
 (6 reviews)

Background Mask
Manipulate the background mask properties of a selection of MText and MLeaders | Free
 (6 reviews)

Convert one or more 3D polylines into 2D polylines and vice versa | Free
 (6 reviews)

ID Spec Plugin
Schneider Electric software for pre-design of an electrical installation systems | Free
 (6 reviews)

Palette Auto-hide Speed
Be able to change the time it takes to show/hide or roll-up/roll-out the palette windows in Autodesk® AutoCAD® | Free
 (6 reviews)

Polyline Quantities
Generates a CSV file with total lengths and areas of selected polylines | Free
 (6 reviews)

Many AutoCAD® users have reference files set up in World coordinates. Attaching such files when in a different User Coordinate System (UCS) can result in the contents appearing at incorrect locations | Free
 (6 reviews)

Plug-in for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plug-in for Arranging Objects | Free
 (5 reviews)

BlackBox AutoPurgeReg
"BlackBox AutoPurgeReg for Autodesk® AutoCAD® allows users to Automatically Purge Registry Applications (RegApps) at drawing Open, and Save." | Free
 (5 reviews)

Cadgen Quick Polyline
Draws automatically trimmed and filleted polylines and splines between blocks | Free
 (5 reviews)

Color Revision
Create revision states with corresponding colors and change parts a fast way to the new states with corresponding color/layer information | Free
 (5 reviews)

DiLeader is the new way to annotate objects! DiLeader provides more features and options than simple Leader or MLeader | Free
 (5 reviews)

DWG Columns for Explorer Free
DWG Columns freeware shows the DWG and DXF version in Explorer columns or in file dialog boxes within Autodesk® AutoCAD® or other applications | Free
 (5 reviews)

Tool to manage corporate level layer standard library | Free
 (5 reviews)

Calculates the Total Length of multiple objects of selected type(s) | Free
 (5 reviews)

Units Conversion
Converts hundreds of international and historical physical units | Free
 (5 reviews)

Simulate fillets on 3D polylines | Free
 (4 reviews)

Area Object Link
"Area Object Link is a Lisp application that helps you link a Pline or Hatch Area value to a Block Attribute, MText or Text object" | Free
 (4 reviews)

Resize a block or pickset by specifying the final dimension directly | Free
 (4 reviews)

The solution to manage corporate level Autodesk® AutoCAD® Detail Drawings library | Free
 (4 reviews)

Database based Dxf to Dwg conversion tool for Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Verticals 32-bit and 64-bit | Free
 (4 reviews)

LevelSet measures the vertical distance from a defined origin point and draws level (elevation) marker with measured value | Free
 (4 reviews)

QR Codes 2016-2019
This plug-in allows you to insert scannable Quick Response (QR) Codes into Autodesk® AutoCAD® drawings | Free
 (4 reviews)

Scatter selected regularly placed drawing objects by random nudging | Free
 (4 reviews)

Map geometry from a WCS aligned frame to UV coordinate space of a surface. The output geometry will be morphed in 3d Space to conform to surface | Free
 (4 reviews)

XREF Load Status Lite
Loads/Unloads references prior to opening selected drawing file. LITE VERSION: Only supports 5 references per drawing and 1 nested reference tracking | Free
 (4 reviews)

Xref Tools Extra
"Extra tools for Xref such as open Xref read-only, Match view and layer properties between the drawings or viewports, disable Xref to be snappable or selectable, reset Xref layer and more." | Free
 (4 reviews)


Import \ Export coordinates
"Import - drawing objects according to the coordinates of the text file. Export - file recording, the coordinates of objects." | Trial
 (38 reviews)

Drawing slope on the topographic and master plans | Trial
 (37 reviews)

Plex.Earth 4
Connects Autodesk® AutoCAD® with Google Earth and the Real World | Trial
 (29 reviews)

"UNIFI is the single source, cloud platform to control, manage, analyze and create digital building content among leading architectural, engineering and construction organizations." | Trial
 (12 reviews)

BlackBox Right Click Rename
"Right Click Rename for AutoCAD® allows a user to select a single Entity, and contextually rename its Entity-specific properties, as supported by the RENAME, or -RENAME Commands, from the context (righ" | USD 2.00
 (8 reviews)

"Lay 3D-solids to XY plane. Group and sort list of details, make FlatShot for CNC." | Trial
 (8 reviews)

OsnapPalette (trial)
"A dockable palette to set running Osnap modes and/or to specify one at a prompt for a point. It also provides custom object snaps (Third, Quarter or any other specified length Fraction and Centroid)." | Trial
 (8 reviews)

Reinforcement dynamic block
Dynamic block that makes drawing reinforcement sections easier. Not transparent | USD 9.99
 (8 reviews)

CADstudio DwgText
The DwgText plugin allows you to export/import texts and selected entity properties between your DWG drawing and an Excel or text file | Trial
 (7 reviews)

1 click - 1000 holes! Fast drilling many holes in many 3D-solids. Subtract with gap | Trial
 (7 reviews)

Dynamic Block Remover
"Powerful function that converse dynamic blocks inside the drawing to ordinary static blocks with optimized space, and complete the task by purge them also." | USD 35.00
 (7 reviews)

Auto estimation from 2D CAD drawings in minutes | Trial
 (7 reviews)

SSMPropEditor Trial
Sheet Set Manager Properties Editor 30-day trial with full functionality | Trial
 (7 reviews)

Quick and smart similar SLICE command. Delamination (peeling) flat and curved faces of solid | Trial
 (6 reviews)

"Generates chainage (station) marks along either arcs, lines and polylines" | USD 1.49
 (6 reviews)

Excel and Table Utils
"Share information between AutoCAD and Excel. Create AutoCAD or Excel tables from entity properties, Excel tables from AutoCAD Tables AutoCAD tables from Excel selections and Legend table from blocks." | USD 10.00
 (6 reviews)

Sheet Set Manager Properties Editor | USD 95.00
 (6 reviews)

3D Stretch
3D Stretch of solids | USD 15.00
 (5 reviews)

To deeply purge drawings (including nested elements). Batch processing ability | USD 2.50
 (5 reviews)

View and modify attribute values and visibility states of blocks across multiple drawing files | USD 39.99/Y
 (5 reviews)

Break Dimensions
Breaks the selected dimensions by the specified points | USD 3.00
 (5 reviews)

This plug-in helps you to avoid to loose valid drawing changes. It saves unsaved files and standard Autodesk® AutoCAD® autosave files (.sv$) in a local folder for later recovery (if necessary) | USD 3.00
 (5 reviews)

Hanna Batch Plot
"Batch plot drawings in model space or paper space, support multi-border in model space or multi-layout in paper, user can plot drawing to PDF/PLT or directly print to printers. It's a trial version." | Trial
 (5 reviews)

Polyhedral Mesh To Solid
"Polyhedral Mesh to Solid is for that difficult Mesh, which won’t convert to 3D Solids because of self-intersecting faces etc. It also locates the Center of Mass for a single or a group of objects." | Trial
 (5 reviews)

Solinas for Fabrication
"Solinas is a piping detailing solution for AutoCAD® (2018,2019)." | Trial
 (5 reviews)

Reinforced concrete detailing software and automatic bar bending schedules | USD 112.00
 (4 reviews)

Database based Batch Process tool with built-in commands for Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Verticals | USD 60.00
 (4 reviews)

Small and powerful application for the drawing of a conditional designation of a slopes used in the drawing (previous name - AlxdDike) | USD 3.00
 (4 reviews)

Express Clipboard
This app provides a variety of functions that allow you to handle the clipboard-copied entities in the form of toolbar for reuse and to categorize the contents by the purpose of toolbar | Trial
 (4 reviews)

Filtered Layer Editor
Creates a layer filter based on objects (including nested entities) selected and then displays the layer dialog | USD 0.49
 (4 reviews)

Leader to Mleader
Easily convert those old leaders and text to Mleaders! | USD 1.00
 (4 reviews)

SeeBlock DWG Symbol Manager
SeeBlock is a powerful Autodesk® AutoCAD® add-on to build and manage block libraries that enhances your ability to catalog and manipulate DWG symbols and drawings | Trial
 (4 reviews)

* With at least four reviews.

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