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Naviate Road for Civil 3D

From the Naviate website:

Naviate Road

With Naviate Road users have access to templates and setting files for Nordic standards, as well as functions that together with Civil 3D create an efficient workflow. Project managers have access to powerful tools for managing and updating multiple files and settings at once.

Save time...
With premade assemblies and commands facilitating saving your own assemblies.

Increase control of your data...
With control and update commands for assemblies across multiple drawings.

Optimise workflows...
With assembly update commands across multiple files.


Customised for road engineers

With Naviate Road are inlucded templates that are designed to conform the Scandinavian national standards. The library of premade assemblies cover the most common road types and are open for you to edit and customize as you need. Assemblies can then be shared in a project or with coworkers with easy to use functions. Templates and setting files are included with the program and can be adapted to the users needs.

Naviate Road commands can be accessed from both the Ribbon and a group of Tool Palettes. The Tool Palettes are organized in a structured workflow. Naviate can be used in English, Swedish och Norwegian.

Object creation

Naviate Road includes functions for creating objects such as widenings for bus stops, sub surfaces for quick volume calculations and slope pattern. Objects created with Naviate are native Civil D objects which can be shared with any other Civil 3D user. Objects created with Naviate are gathered in Object Explorer which assists with keeping track of Naviate objects and gives user an easy place to find Update-functionality.

Project Management

For project managers Naviate Road contain multiple commands to assist in updating assemblies and corridors across multiple drawings. The Project command automatically sets the users project folder for all Naviate commands. With both update and check tools for values in subassemblies, the project manager can easily check multiple assemblies and corridors in the project. Export functionality both to 3D objects and to excel for calculation purposes are available.


  • Road
    • Curb Returns
    • Widenings
    • Add labels at intervals
  • Productivity
    • Create Subsurfaces
    • Create Slope Pattern
    • Create Coordinate Markers
  • Collaboration
    • Naviate Properties
    • Project
    • Find/Replace Subassembly Codes/Values
  • Update/Documentation
    • Export tables to CSV


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