Thursday, July 11, 2019

Introducing CadMouse Pro Wireless & CadMouse Pro Wireless Left

Our good friends at 3Dconnexion, the world leader in advanced 3D navigation devices and makers of the SpaceMouse and CadMouse product lines, have released two new versions of their mice designed for CAD professionals, the CadMouse Pro Wireless and CadMouse Pro Wireless Left.

These two new devices join the original CadMouse Wireless and the (wired) CadMouse, which, shortly after its release, we reviewed here.

The new CadMouse Pro Wireless is a full-sized mouse for the modern workstation, as is the CadMouse Pro Wireless Left, which holds the distinction of being the first CadMouse designed specifically for left-handed users.

Shortly, we'll be reviewing the CadMouse Pro Wireless, along with the CadMouse WirelessSpaceMouse Enterprise, and SpaceMouse Wireless. Look for our review to drop early next week! In the meantime, check out all the great 3Dconnexion products on

The CadMouse Pro Wireless and CadMouse Pro Wireless Left are priced at $119.00 US each.

For continued reading: 3Dconnexion's CadMouse Pro Wireless press release

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